Elements of Interior Beauty

Interior accessorizing is all about presenting elements of beauty that captivate and bring life to a room.  Accessories offer a low cost way to quickly alter the feel of a space.   If you get it wrong it’s not hard to undo and there is not a huge price penalty.   But let’s aim to do it right!

A unique piece within a well decorated room begs the viewer to pay close attention, like a wild flower blooming in the middle of an otherwise beautiful open field.  While it is okay to accessorize a room with multiple pieces it is critical to remember that they should not compete or clash with one another.  Accessories are not about trends or style, they are about intriguing guests and providing flashes of brilliance that people will remember when they recall their visit.  The goal is to inspire your guests to hope to someday find a piece that has comparable magic to the piece they saw in your home.

Image via KWID

Balance and appropriate scale are essential in successfully accessorizing a space.  Usually large scale objects will overpower and overload a space, and more importantly will overwhelm other nearby accessories.  If we do choose to use larger objects such as oversized art, we like to layer it with smaller scaled vases and sculptures of similar motifs. But never to excess.

Image via Jessica Lagrange

Color and texture go hand in hand.  Bring in both color and texture through wallpaper, paneling and existing architecture and try to ensure it marries up nicely with your pieces throughout the space.  A room’s architecture, dimensions, and ceiling are all factors in obtaining the right balance in a room.

Image via Kara Mann

Color is the soul to an environment.  Without color the space will lack passion.  But even with a great color a space needs something to share that passion with.   This is why the accessories are so important.  Find something that is representative of your style, your life, and your loves and you simply cannot go wrong.   Most importantly have fun with the accessorizing and remember that there are limitless possibilities on this front!

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