The Value of Pride in Ownership

We at RRI feel there are 3 core elements to a home that if renovated correctly will translate dollar for dollar to improving the value of your home.  These 3 core elements are:  The Kitchen, the Bathrooms, and the Flooring.

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With the dramatic drop in home values over the last few years there has been a lack of enthusiasm by homeowners to improve the interiors of their homes.   The design of interiors has suffered as a result.   But times are changing in the SCV and the housing market has turned the corner.

While it is evident that home values have bottomed and prices have begun to slowly climb, the rate of appreciation is not red hot.   But there are some upgrades that prudent homeowners can do to not only reinvigorate the design of their home but also kick-start its value.   Such upgrades tend to revolve the 3 core elements mentioned above.

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When done properly with inspired design and excellent workmanship, these projects add at least as much value to your property as the cost of the project.   In other words, if you spend a few dollars on the right renovations that money will translate directly to equity.

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For example, a typical home in the SCV that was built in 2003 or earlier does not have granite counter tops or modern cabinets.   But buyers in today’s market expect those amenities to be standard features.    And appraisers certainly consider how outdated the kitchen, the bathrooms, and flooring are when it comes time for appraisals (sale or refi’s).    For a relatively small investment homeowners can ensure their home is updated and they will also be able to see the lift in the value of their home immediately.

But home values aren’t the only thing that matter.   Design has suffered too long.   It’s time again to re-instill the pride of ownership in our homes.  And it is absolutely critical to do so professionally and with a design that is timeless and, most importantly, “Perfectly Yours”.   We at RRI look forward to showing you the full potential of your home at a price that will make this investment a no-brainer.

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