Smart Ways To Think Outside The “Get Organized” Box

An organized home is perhaps the best mental therapy you can get.  When in disarray, your home causes anxiety.  When organized correctly your home because the solace you’ve been dreaming of!

Rebecca Rollins Interiors (RRI), of Santa Clarita, specializes in providing designs that enable better organization and can de-clutter your home.  Below are critical tips:

1. Dont try to “boil the ocean.”  The reality is that you can’t physically do everything in one day, or maybe even one week!  Put the time in and begin chipping away at the problem bit by bit.  Once you’re successful in one room, your confidence and willingness to start other rooms improves dramatically.

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2. Don’t over complicate things.  Complex “systems” ultimately fall back to their original messy state.  Use containers you currently own and be creative with what can be used as a storage container.  ” Think outside the box!” (This is an RRI specialty!)


3. Design enables organization.  The importance of organizing warrants a time investment.  If done correctly the first time, your comfort level at home improves dramatically.  Do it smartly and get help if needed.


4. Make your bed everyday. Really!


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