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So what’s trending in patterns??  Well the fact is that patterns are becoming less “patterned”.   Most current and popular fabrics that have a seemingly symmetrical, continuous and even repetitive pattern are actually varied and rather free forming within the smaller components of the design.

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Take the beautiful teal and beige pattern print in this pillow.   At first glance it appears as a simple diamond and leaf pattern but upon closer examination each section is unique and free forming.   The piece rewards its viewers with a sense of awe once they take the time to appreciate its nuanced character.


Yesterday’s designs focused on making something random and chaotic look like it belongs within your home.   Today we focus on taking something that looks docile in your domicile and adding detail to it that truly expresses its wild side.    These patterns and fabrics are brilliant examples of how we at RRI take sophisticated modern trends but infuse them with an undeniable wild side.  Most importantly we make them “Perfectly Yours.”


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