Teen Spring Clean: Oxymoron or Fun Design Opportunity?

If your teen’s room looks like a changing room & smells like a locker room, it’s time to reclaim a bit of style, order & civilization.   At Rebecca Rollins Interiors we believe springtime is the ideal season to implement a design so perfect your kids will once again take pride in their “kid kave” (& maybe pick up after themselves everywhere else?…ok probably not).


The beauty about re-designing a kid’s bedroom is that it can be done on a budget & the options are limitless.   Moreover some very simple changes & upgrades can reinvigorate the room & bring that spark back to an otherwise dingy space.   Instead of a full-scale redecoration, an easy solution is to purchase new bedding, drapery & accessories.    With a keen eye & a playful spirit even we adults can have some fun with this project.

Screen shot 2014-07-24 at 12.05.32 PM

Once the kids get excited about all the new design ideas it’s pretty easy to implement some storage & design elements that almost require them to be more organized.   Ideas such as colorful hangers on the walls & painting the interior of the closet with a cool color (kid’s choice of course) will make kids forget that these are actually ruses to make them more organized.   The gadgets, colors & cool accessories will motivate them to take pride in ownership & love their rooms again.


So next time when youtell your kids, “Go to your room!” & they go without question…you know the design is Perfectly Theirs!


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