The Power of Pillows

Does your space need a quick facelift? Pillows are the Botox of interior design!

Pillows are an inexpensive, quick way to add the much – desired pop that will update your space. Just like an actual facelift, the point of the pillow “implant” is to help the design look fresh-but if it’s done poorly, your space will look disastorous. Keep it classy – have fun!


Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pillows

1. Puffy isn’t always the answer and there is such a thing as “too much”. The critical piece of a nice pillow design is to not get too crazy with color schemes. As tempting as it is to try every color in the crayon box, there is no reason to deviate outside the room’s already-established color palette.

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2. It’s okay to get funky with the mixing of textures, colors, and patterns. The backdrop should remain relatively neutral and solid though, so that the pillows are not competing with the remaining design. Never be afraid to mix elements; some of the best groups of pillows are those that you would think would never work together. It’s all in the details: look at the colors, frills, and textures closely to make sure they work as a pairing. Change it up every season! You can dramatically change the look of a room just by replacing your set with different pillows and throws.

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3. The final variable is size. The bigger the pillow the better! Mixing large pillows with small pillows provides a subtle depth to the sofa or bed.


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