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Remember the song “Party Like it’s 1999”?   Well, that was 15 years ago.   Does yelling “Happy New Year!” quickly turn to disappointment when you get back from the party and realize your home is stuck in the 90’s?   Well then let Rebecca Rollins Interiors (RRI) help you with your design!
Here is a sample of styles that should be incorporated in your home design in 2015.    Powerful rock or tile wall features are an inexpensive way to reinvigorate you space.   And there are too many lighting options out there to settle for a cheap, builder-quality light fixture.   Swap out bulky and dreary window coverings with sleeker and  understated panels and patterns.   
If you have one New Year’s resolution you should strive to make your house something that friends won’t think is a time capsule from 1999.   Let’s do it right and let Rebecca Rollins Interiors (RRI) help you this year!

“I resolve to not offend anyone with my paint colors.   Extreme is out but accent walls with neutral colors are in.”

“I resolve to replace furniture that is older than my teenage kids.   Out with the very old and outdated and in with the new”

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