DIY Succulent Arrangement

Who doesn’t love a good succulent arrangement! We have started making most of our succulent arrangements in house as we cannot find ones that we like enough to buy in store! This allows us to pick the pot they will go in, as well as pick which succulents we want to add! Its all about color and texture! Below are step by step directions on how can make the perfect pot of succulents that will look beautiful no matter what room you put them in!

Step 1: Gather Material

Head to your local craft store and pick up the following items:
1. Your choice of a pot. Pick something that has a large enough opening that you can fill with different size succulents.
2. Greenery foam (make sure the foam fits inside the pot and should be stacked to be almost as tall as the pot)
3. 5-7 succulents of your choice. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with different colors, heights and widths and texture.
4. *Optional: you can add moss sheets in-between the succulents to fill in the empty gaps if you choose to not make you succulent pot as full. See below for what we put in this arrangement.
Step 2: Arrangement
Here you will start to arrange the succulents in the pot as you desire without using the foam. In this step you can play with different layout options that work best to make your succulent pot full. A helpful trick, start with the larger succulents and use the smaller ones to fill in the gaps. Also, have your succulents overlap and intertwine with one another to create a more realistic look. Once you are satisfied with the arrangement you’re all ready for the final step!
Step 3: Final Step
Insert the greenery foam into the pot and start sticking the faux stems of the larger succulents in the pot first. In this step depending on what faux succulents you got, you may need to cut the bottom on the stems so they fit in the pot correctly. Then, proceed with the smaller succulents. Don’t be afraid if you mess up on a placement of a succulent, just pull out the succulent stem and insert it in another place! Now go find a great tray to place this in and put in its forever home!
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