Inside our Graham Lane Project

Have you ever wondered how we get to the final design of a project, or the method behind the madness? Its not always an easy road getting the final design but in this really was! Our client, who was young and fun, (just like us!..ha) trusted us in our vision to give her the look she wanted to achieve. She wanted to incorporate the barn wood she used in her master bedroom and I had no problem with that, considering how beautiful it was! She originally wanted a fireplace on the wall with built-ins flanking the sides of the fireplace. When we quoted it and informed her what that type of project entailed, she reconsidered! Adding a fireplace can add value to a home, but is also a HUGE cost. It MUST be permitted and not only is it costly its a time consuming process.

We always provide floorpans, elevations (if needed) and design board options. Here is a look at some of the design layout and ideas our client received.

So we decided to go a different route! I knew she really wanted a mantel to hang stockings on and have the TV above that. Creating the bench seat below is perfect for her kids to sit on and read a book, as well as a perfect spot for overflow seating for guests! These accent pillow colors and textures brought life against that barn wood!

The built in just started coming together off the mantel and bench seat design. We wanted some display shelves and some closed storage for all the crap we all have and don’t want to show! The drawer above the lower cabinet is perfect for remote storage or small random things we collect!

Once the built in design was squared away, we started working on the furniture layout, which is always my favorite part! From the moment I walked into this house I KNEW this room needed a sectional sofa. The space was just screaming for one! A family room should always have a comfortable sofa the family can cuddle up on and watch movies! My client already had this great coffee table, rug & drapery that paired beautifully with the new design and look so we reused those!

This corner of the room was screaming for a fun chair and side table to pull it all together! We found this fun  modern looking chair that had great lines to it and paired it with this oversized wood side table that had a brass top and base. I love love love mixing different elements together. Metals, woods, fabric with textures, greenery..its what makes a space come alive!


The very last element was A SHOWSTOPPER chandelier! This was probably the hardest piece to the puzzle. Because my clients didn’t have super high ceilings we couldn’t do anything too big. When my contractors were working on moving the electrical for the TV and we were playing with the layout of the mantel and TV we needed to keep in mind we had a chandelier going in. We all agreed on this absolutely breathtaking metal and wood statement globe style chandelier. When it first went in i’ll admit..we kind of freaked out. We couldn’t hang it any higher to the ceiling because there was a metal pole that attached to the ceiling. We couldn’t eliminate that, and of course that was NOT mentioned on the specs from the manufacture. My client was a little worried the chandelier blocked too much of the TV. Also keep in mind, she was used to having a ceiling fan that was almost flush to the ceiling..sometimes clients get so used to seeing something a certain way and it takes some time for them to get used to the new elements going in. After a couple days of “living with the chandelier” we could not pry it from her arms! And I don’t blame her..its stunning and it really truly finishes off this room! The last thing we installed was this woven wheel dimensional art! Its large but not super heavy feeling so the room feels complete and put together but not overly stuffed with “stuff!” This project and these clients were such a dream! I cannot wait to dive into their next project with them!


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