Simple Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

Does the fresh feel of spring bring you the desire to freshen up your house with a new look? Well here at RRI we get the opportunity to freshen up clients homes all the time! So we’ve gathered a few easy tips that you can use in your own home! Whether it’s an inviting family room or a fun new gallery wall you can easily get the feel you desire with the switch of a couple accessories or pillows! Follow the tips below and don’t forget to put your own twist on it to make it perfectly yours!

A quick and easy way to change your family room without breaking the bank will be to bring in some new accent pillows and coffee table accessories. Throw pillows are easy because you can bring in different colors, patterns, and textures for each season! When switching out your coffee table accessories, a cute tray with some height is always an eye catching look that will finish off the space.



Have some updated family photos from the recent holidays? A cute way to display them is adding a fun gallery wall! You can layer your frames on shelves, mix and match them, or even keep it simple and use the same frame to create a clean look.




The dining table is where you gather with family and friends to enjoy a good meal! Pretty place settings always add a special extra touch to those meals. Neutral place mats, chargers, and runners are super easy to coordinate with different center pieces and glassware for a fun new look.



Think its hard to change the look of your kitchen with a few simple pieces? Well think again! By simply changing out your utensil holders, a couple cute signs, and a fun tray on the island you can freshen up the look. Don’t forget to bring in some fresh flowers or greenery to liven up the space.



Bathrooms are the most private place in the house but that doesn’t mean they can’t be inviting with a couple of fun accessory pieces. Bring in a tray with some appropriate pieces such as freshening spray and some greenery in a vase with a good hand towel.



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