Creating the Perfect Dining Room

Can you count on one hand how many times you used that dining room of yours? If asked when you last used the table, would you say “during the holidays”? This room is often the most overlooked in the house but can be home to some wonderful memories gathered around with loved ones sharing laughs over a meal. When our clients asked us to spruce up their dining room we knew this would become the perfect space for many hosting opportunities to come. (And not just during the holidays!) If you follow some of these simple tips, you too can create the perfect dining room space. So dust of that table and get styling!

For our clients, we started with some statement walls. This brought some immediate attention to the otherwise neutral tones in the room. The gorgeous deep blue color was the perfect contrast for the light wood furniture. We added a patterned rug to bring in some texture. The table settings we wanted to keep simple using black chargers and whites plates with some gray linen napkins. We alternated the place setting for the head chairs to give some variation throughout the table. Using neutral colors for your table settings keeps your table timeless, allowing them to be used year round. To anchor down the table we used a striped linen table runner. Center pieces are one of our favorite ways to finish off that gorgeous table arrangement you have now created. For this one, we chose concrete finish lanterns and soft white candles in varying heights that really draw your eye up to the chandelier. Our clients also had a beautiful buffet that just needed a few decorative pieces to finish it off.  Buffets are perfect in the dining room because they can add a decorative touch while also providing ample storage for those serving dishes. For this one, we used personalized signs, jars, and lots of greenery to add life to the unit. With these tips you to can create your perfect dining room to enjoy year round.

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