The Dirty Dishes of Kitchen Remodels

Have you been thinking about redoing your kitchen but not ready to pull the trigger? Although they can be the most impactful of remodels for your home they can also be the most intimidating. They are very hard to DIY and tend to get pretty messy, pretty quickly. This is why we always recommend hiring out if you have it in your budget!

At Rebecca Rollins Interiors we want all of our clients to be as prepared and informed as possible! We are here to tell you all about the dirty dishes of kitchen remodels.


When you hire the RRI team we will come to your home and dimension the entire space to make sure your appliances and work space flow. We want your kitchen and storage organization to be user friendly and make sense. We will provide you with 3D drawings that will also give you a better feel for the proposed space!

The most fun part of the entire process (and no it is not cooking in your beautiful kitchen at the end) is choosing your materials and fixtures!  The kitchen is usually the most high traffic area in your home and this is where you can show off a beautiful design. We can pull in some gorgeous textures and patterns with the backsplash and countertops. And don’t forget about those fixtures and cabinet hardware! There are some show stopping light fixtures that we can center over your island, finishing off the design perfectly.

During the design process we will also suggest some unique features that you might not think of on your own. Love coffee? Well some open shelving is a great place to create a fun coffee bar. Hate the look of toaster ovens and blenders on the counter? Can I recommend an appliance garage? There are so many fun features we can implement in your cabinets in pullouts that will leave you wondering how you ever got by without such organization before.

But don’t be fooled. Sometimes (okay always) the behind the scenes of kitchen remodels aren’t all rose gold knobs and fresh flowers. Of all the remodels, the kitchens are by far the hardest to endure.

You will be scrambling for easy meals and sick of eating out after a few weeks. We ALWAYS recommend to our clients that you prepare a back up cook space in another area of your house. Whether it is the garage or dining room, plug in your old refrigerator so you can still have food storage and set up an area where you can use a crock-pot or pressure cooker and some other easy cook tops. Here at RRI we live by reduce, reuse, and recycle, but sometimes that is not always possible during kitchen renovations. So stock up on those Costco paper goods and easy prep meals and hold tight!  Because at the end of the process you will have a fantastic kitchen and plastic forks and freezer meals will be a distant memory.

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