The Many Faces of a Pattern Tile

January 5, 2021

Have you been thinking about using a pattern tile somewhere, but not sure where or how to use it? We hear this quite often from clients.. they want to incorporate a fun pattern tile in a space but are either too nervous to do a big bold pattern or they don’t know how it will flow with the rest of the space.

Pattern tiles are such a fun way to bring in a different element to a specific space. You don’t have to use a lot of it..if fact we recommend using it in small dosages so it doesn’t overwhelm the area!

One of our favorite uses of this type of tile is on the stair risers..and remember how I said use it in small amounts..we did exactly that, and used it on every other stair riser. This makes the pattern stand out that much more!

RRI Moondust Project

Fireplace surrounds are another great way to showcase a fun, eclectic pattern tile! It is just enough pattern to make you do a double take! When paired with a floating wood mantel it finishes off the look perfectly! Could you imagine another tile used around these fireplaces? I can’t!

RRI Moondust Project
RRI Bryson Project

Now..when you think pattern tiles, most people automatically think of them being used in a bathroom..i mean these beautiful tiles lend themselves perfectly for a bathroom floor, niche tile in a shower, or even a shower wall tile! Take a look at some of our favorite pattern tiles used in a bathroom setting!

RRI Sterling Project
RRI Bryson Project
RRI Bryson Project
RRI Via Candice Project

One thing you will notice in all of these images, when we use a pattern tile we are pairing it with a neutral backdrop. Steer away from using a pattern tile with other bold elements. Let the tile be the bold element and bring in neutral tiles, fabrics and even paint, that compliment but don’t fight it!


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