The Paint Color Guide

May 20, 2021

Clients often get worried when I recommend a white wall..I mean, I know most of my clients have kids, and white and kids are not usually in the same me I know! BUT…when you invest in good quality paint and use an eggshell finish (so its wipeable) you would be surprised what you can get away with! With quality paint it doesn’t wipe off when you clean it. With an eggshell finish the dirt and whatever else you get on your walls cleans off like you are cleaning a water spot off glass. OH and don’t forget, when cleaning any walls..use the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and your off white wall will be a beautiful white again!

We have rounded up the 3 best whites and the only 3 whites you will ever need! Along with a couple other must have colors in your house.

White by Dunn Edwards | DEW380 is the ONLY white that will be used on my cabinets. It’s the most crisp and pure white you can get. There are no yellow or blue undertones and looks like silk when on a cabinet. 

Our farrier project with Dunn Edwards White used on the cabinets

Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore | OC-65 is a true crisp and clean white that is not too yellow and not too gray. This color looks even better in a space with lots of natural light. 

Our moodust remodel featuring Chantilly Lace paint through out the entire residence

Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams | SW-7551 is a warmer white. This white has much warmer undertones for those spaces that have an already cold feeling. We have paired this white with warmer wood hardwood floors and it is so heavenly! 

Our clifton bathroom remodel using Greek Villa shiplap paint with warm wood floors

Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams | SW-6258 is my go to black. It’s THAT good that it really is the only black that we use. It’s funny, you would be surprised how many different black paint colors there are and how greatly they differ.

Our moondust living room remodel with Tricorn Black vertical shiplap

Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams | SW-7069 is the most perfect charcoal color. It has no blue undertones, and the right amount of black. We use this color on cabinets when we don’t want the harshness of black but we still want a moody look. Look how much life it has on this fireplace surround.

Our channel islands project was screaming for a grand but modern fireplace

Then when you pair Iron Ore and Tricon Black together with the Chantilly Lace walls you get the ULTIMATE look. 

Our moondust office has all 3 of our favorite paint colors in one moody office space


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