Top 3 Design Trends for 2022

January 12, 2022

Trends are something that we are always looking at..we want our projects to not only be on “trend” but to also have a timeless look to them so when that trend is gone our design doesn’t immediately look out of date.

The first trend that is here to stay are ceiling beams and I AM SO HERE FOR IT! I love love love adding beams to the right spaces. They immediately bring in an added warmth we are always trying to capture. They bring in so much texture and depth to a space as well that I instantly love. As you can see we have have been using beams in our projects for quite some time now and I am welcoming them with open arms in 2022!

Trend 2 is the warm colors throughout. Grays are still here..don’t worry! But we are starting to bring in more of the warm greige tones and less of the cold harsh gray colors that are very sterile feeling. These warm earth tones pair so nicely with the first trend of beams…its almost like these trend forecasters were in my head!

The last and probably my favorite trend right now is the organic shapes in furniture! OH I’m so excited to see this come back around! The days of the squared and angular furniture are gone and the more feminine curves are here to play! There is something about these curved lines that spark so much joy for me! We designed this loft space last year for our Oak Meadow Project and check out that curved sofa! We are right on point!


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