The RRI Kitchen Essentials

January 31, 2022

The RRI collection has all the kitchen essentials you need for now only a stylish kitchen BUT a more functional kitchen too. All of these items we use in our clients home when styling at the end of a remodel and they all come back with the highest reviews from our design clients! We also personally have a majority of these items in our own kitchens!

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the one area where I guarantee you spend a majority of your time in…so don’t you want it to look good too!

The Zoey Wine glasses are truly some of the most beautiful glasses I have come across in a long while! These beauty’s have a beautiful warm taupe tone to them and are HEAVY duty too! Its like an arm workout with every sip!

The Zoey Wine Glass

While we are on the topic of wine…Let’s talk about our Chloe Glass Collection..and staring with this smokey gray decanter that is a fan favorite in the Chloe Collection. This is a decanter that needs to have a moment on a bar cart or an open shelf in your kitchen! It deserves it!

The Chloe Wine Decanter

The Molly Marble Cookbook Stand and the Zian Vase which we are using here as a utensil crock. The Zian vase is layered with textures and style. The perfect catch all of all your kitchen utensils. It looks so good and is begging to be displayed in a kitchen.

Zian Vase featured here as our utensil holder

Meet Molly. She is the sleek modern marble cookbook or Ipad holder every kitchen is dreaming of. The perfect marble accent that doesn’t clash with other marble and can stand on its own!

Molly Cookbook Stand


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