The RRI Signature Style

August 2, 2022

If you know our work at all, you know we created tailored custom spaces that are very relaxed and livable. But also very refined and tailored. We love a clean neutral color palette with layers of textures, materials, and woods. Every space has something unique about it. Something that sets that space apart over all of the other spaces, but yet still cohesive with the rest of the house. That is called Refined California Casual. 

I mean, after all, we are based in Southern California. And our projects very much reflect that. Most of our clients have families, and kids, and animals. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have beauty with it. We have ways to incorporate the family livable life, with the family livable design. And one of those ways…invest in magic erasers and good quality paint. Then you can get your white walls and have your kids can eat cake too!

Our use of natural materials is one of our very distinct looks. We love love love the natural linen fabrics, the natural stone materials, and the layers of wood that make your home have the perfect balance of cozy yet still welcoming and inviting. 

Our signature color palette is another dead giveaway a space was designed by RRI. We start with a very compact color palette that consists of two, maybe 3 main colors for the entire house which allows for the use of dark rich elements to shine. We never want the paint to be the focal point of the space. The paint color is simply the backdrop and that’s all it should ever be. 

And finally, our signature styling that is the bow to the present and finishes off the space so effortlessly and yet so beautifully. The use of different heights, shapes, and textures is one of our final but so important pieces to the RRI design puzzle. You know the moment RRI is finished with a space, by the perfectly placed accessories pieces on each wall, coffee table, and built in.


25030 Ave Tibbitts Unit M, Valencia, CA 91355