Kitchen Renovation Tips

August 24, 2022

A kitchen remodel is probably one of the hardest remodels to embark on by yourself, but it is definitely doable! People do it all the time…its like child labor…while you are going through it you think to yourself..i am never doing this again, but then you forget about it all 10 years later and do it again! 

We are guiding you on the top 4 kitchen remodel tricks that will help ease you into your remodel. 

Tip 1: Prepare yourself

The kitchen is quite literally the heart of the home. It is the place everyone is at in morning, afternoon and evening. And then, if you have kids, we all know they are in and out every 20 minutes getting snacks. You will start with setting up a makeshift kitchen. Add a table that has all your pantry items out so you can easily find things. Invest in an air fryer, smaller microwave, crock pot, coffee maker, etc. That way you can still do any light cooking throughout the weeks or even months (yes I said months and YES I would set your expectations now!). Get yourself a lot of throw away dishes…paper plates, plastic utensils, plastic cups…you will have no kitchen sinks so do yourself a favor and make it easy on yourself! Any dishes you do need to clean, you will end up doing in a bathtub! Lastly, plug your old refrigerator in your new makeshift kitchen so you still have all your freezer and fridge items!

Tip 2: Have all your items on hand before beginning construction 

I cannot stress this enough…do not start your kitchen remodel until your appliances are in the warehouse, your doors and windows are close to arriving, and ALL of your tile, countertops, plumbing fixtures and lighting items are IN YOUR HANDS. This will help prevent any unnecessary delays that could really push you back WEEKS if you are waiting for something. I know this sounds like something so obvious, but this day in age in our industry, lead-times are getting pushed every single day and things that they say are 2 weeks out are getting pushing to 6-10 weeks out. Nothing will be worse than sitting and waiting for your appliances to arrive months after your remodel was finished. 

Tip 3: Find a great wood craftsman

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most used and abused pieces in a kitchen. They are opened and closed multiple times a day, slammed closed by the kids, and just get the most abuse from every day life. Finding and investing in a true wood craftsman that makes the kitchen cabinets by hand with real wood is key to a long lasting kitchen. This is going to be a splurge, but a well worth splurge. Do not cheap out on the kitchen cabinets. In 2 years when doors are falling off the hinges, the finish is peeling off, and the cabinets are not holding up you will regret it. I promise!

Tip 4: The styling moment

You have heard me time and time again talk about styling..because it is honesty one of the most overlooked pieces to the design puzzle. A kitchen really transforms after the construction is done and the styling is done right. Layering different items and textures. Creating a pairing next to your new stove with cutting boards, and oil and vinegar sets, all your utensils in a beautiful really makes your space come to life. Adding a couple of your favorite cookbooks next to your favorite tray filled with a cake stand and your beautiful salt and pepper shaker..adding those pretty brass and black knives to your countertop. It’s the bow on your present. Have fun with it but remember….LESS IS MORE. Don’t overcrowd your countertops, and when in doubt put it away. 


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