2022 Favorite Paint Colors

December 28, 2022

Paint colors are always the number one question asked on social media. What paint color did we use on the cabinets, what’s the color on the walls? So we have rounded up our top 5 paint colors used in 2022 and where we used them! Who’s ready!

5. Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams | SW-7551

Greek Villa is a love hate paint color in my book. I absolutely LOVE this paint color for a creamy warmer (including more yellow) color. However, this paint color will need to be used in a place with a good amount of natural light. If you are using this color in a place with almost no natural light you are going to see a very different color! Because of the yellow undertones this color has in it, it will sure to play some mind games on your eyes!

Pro tip: Always test paint colors in areas you will be using them in. Paint a large swatch on a paint chip and see what it looks like in different lights and at different times of the day. The color will change and sometimes not for the better!

4. Taliesin Blue by Dunn Edwards | DEC-798

Ok, by far the most requested blue paint color is this beauty! This color we used in our Cali Caj Project, in just a couple places for a “pop.” This blue is an all around good blue with a gray undertone and without being too vibrant and over powering. Look at how beautiful this color pairs with both Repose Gray walls and Drift of Mist cabinets! The color tones play off each other so effortlessly!

3. Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams | SW-7015

This is another favorite of mine, except this color I will actually change just a bit. I will do this color but -20% which tones it down a little bit. It takes it down for a bit lighter neutral. This color I will use as a main color throughout a house for a client that doesn’t want white walls. It is still light and airy but gives just the right amount of “color” to a wall.

2. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore | OC-65

If you have followed me for any amount of time, then you know one of my all time favorite whites is Chantilly Lace. This color is my go to color for the perfect white wall. Put 5 white paint colors next to each other and one will pull pink, one will pull blue, one will pull yellow etc. Chantilly Lace doesn’t pull any of them. Making it THE PERFECT WHITE.

Pro Tip: When doing a white wall; baseboards, casings and ceilings will all need to be the same white.

1. Drift of Mist by Sherwin Williams | SW-9166

This is by far my most favorite color we have used this year! Which is why this is my #1 paint color! This color we have used on cabinets, walls, baseboards, tongue and groove paneling. You name it we used it on it! This color has the perfect balance of beige and grey. Without being pink or blue. If you have been paying attention to anything regarding home trends you will see that gray is transforming to a more “greige” color that is on the warmer side. Think more earthy, moody and warmer. This color is all of them while still being a neutral! Here are a few places we used this color this year!


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