Day in the Life at RRI

February 6, 2024

Have you ever wondered what a week looks like in a high-end residential interior design office? Between job walks, client design meetings, spec’ing material, sourcing product, and keeping the shop running, you might wonder where we squeeze the fun in? Because trust me-we have FUN in this office.

Come along with us for a week review.

Monday mornings we usually come skipping into the office bright-eyed and bushy tailed after any given weekend of rest and relaxation. (Just kidding, but seriously, Erica really does. If you know her you would agree.) If you are one of our current clients, you will receive a “what to expect, weekly email.” This will let you know what is on the schedule this week. Whether you are in the design phase and we are scheduling a design meeting to go over material we have pulled specifically for your project or we are editing renderings and drawings that were previously presented. This is the day that we also use to catch up with our contractors. We make sure that they are on schedule with each job and make sure that everyone knows who to expect and when.

Tuesday’s you can come shop with us! In-store you will receive one-on-one design advice between the hours of 10am-4pm. Make sure to bring pictures or dimensions if you have specific areas in mind that you’d liked to work on. If you come in store, we will gladly help create gifts for you, customizing each gift board whether you have an upcoming dinner party, a birthday for a stylish friend, a housewarming, or anything in between!  

Wednesdays are our mid-week pick me ups. This is the day that we are usually chugging some coffee and running around to jobs! We love visiting all of our projects that are in the construction phase to make sure we are up to date with any happenings. Don’t worry, we talk to our contractors daily but this day we are not in the office much! (So don’t drop by for a coffee with us because it is usually to-go!)

Thursdays you will find all of us in the office, turning out big work. This is the day that we prep for the close of the week. We make sure to follow up with any vendors, answer any client emails, and prep for them to not hear from us over the weekend (sad we know). Not only are we working hard on our jobs but our beautiful Shop @ RRI is again, open for in-person shopping. We love to see what fun things you purchase each week. And don’t worry, if you are tight on time but just remembered that you have a special event this weekend, or maybe you just want some beautiful new wine glasses for girls’ night, you can place an order online for in-store pick-up and we will package and prep it so you can swing by before getting the kids from school!

Friday. Ahh, we’ve reached the end of another assumingly busy week. Today we will connect with all of our contractors and discuss jobs in the construction phase and let them know what we expect for the following week. This is also where we try to squeeze in a little fun. We always keep our team spirit alive with a lunch. Some laughs over good food keeps us sane and motivated to keep working hard for you all!

I know it sounds busy! But we love what we do! And don’t worry, we don’t save the fun for Fridays only. You will find us laughing and joking at any given time in the office or having fun at our job sites! If you have a busy week and no time to manage your own design job give us a call! We can squeeze a meeting in and see where we fit in your schedule. And if you want to follow us along even closer and in real time-head on over to our instagram where you can see our day to day. @rebeccarollinsinteriors


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