Countertop Comparisons

June 20, 2024

Quartz, porcelain, granite, marble, soapstone. Am I rambling to you yet? Well if you are about to take on a kitchen or bath remodel, these materials should sound familiar to you. So listen closely because I’m about to give you some facts about each material to help you determine which would be best for you!


This is a natural stone so each slab can offer variation making each one unique. This material is very heat resistant and doesn’t scratch easily. However, it can be known to chip. Granite withstands stains very well but does needs to be properly sealed and will require sealing throughout its lifetime to maintain its durability. 


This natural stone is a high maintenance beauty. Marble is soft and porous and can be stained easily so does require a sealer to try and reduce staining. It is heat resistant, however it can scratch and chip easily. 


Gaining popularity for its durability, porcelain has many pros and very little cons. It’s main downfall being that the color is only on the surface and not throughout. So this material will have a slight edge when being used for countertops and will have a white edge around under-mount sinks as well. The many pros of porcelain are that it is highly heat resistant, scratch resistant, non porous, and low maintenance. It is man made so it is very consistent in design. 


Quartz is best known for its durability, consistency in design, and limitless abilities. It is a man made stone whose design can closely resemble marble, concrete, and so much more! It can be put the test with scratches and abrasive pads and most stains. However, be mindful with hot pots and pans and never put them directly on the countertop. With its low maintenance, it never needs to be professionally sealed and is moisture resistant. 


This material, along side quartz (but not to be confused with quartz!), is also low maintenance. It is scratch resistant, heat resistant, and stain resistant. However, to maintain its durability it does need to be resealed.


This beautiful natural stone has a milky look to the finish. It resists heat damage however can be easily scratched and tough stains (such as oils) won’t wash away. Small scratches can be finely sanded and coated with a mineral oil and it does need to be regularly sealed. 

With so many options available for countertops, slab walls, and whatever else your heart desires to put a slab on, when working with Rebecca Rollins Interiors, we help you narrow down the material that would be perfect for your space! We can help you weigh the pro’s and con’s for each material type and what type of look you are trying to achieve. The possibilities are endless and we are here to help make your project a little less overwhelming!


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