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the cali caj PROJECT

Our Cali Caj Project was a literal dream. This client had just purchased this home and before moving in we did a remodel on every square inch of this house. We took it from a 2000’s time capsule to a fresh and layered oasis. Lots of neutral colors and textures are layered throughout the home, and accented with beautiful wood elements to give this builder home more character. We brought in a rich yet muted hint of blue throughout to reflect our clients style and give some depth to the different tones. The use of metals, and woods, lots of tile and marble elements paired with linens and natural materials give this home a timeless feel yet a beautiful setting they get to call home. 

A fresh and layered oasis with neutral colors and textures.

We asked Rebecca and her crew to turn our new house into a forever home…. in eight weeks! Rebecca was a terrific listener and designed with care. She personally ensured that our house was designed for us and our lifestyle. We made the smart decision to trust her expertise to make professional choices along the way. At every turn, Rebecca and her team did not disappoint! Rebecca and her crew demoed, designed and styled every corner of our house without missing a single detail. They were just a phone call or a message away at anytime to discuss anything big or small. In the end, we walked into our beautifully designed dream home with impeccable design and craftsmanship on time and on budget and we could not have be happier! 

"We asked Rebecca and her crew to turn our new house into a forever home….in eight weeks!"

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