The RRI Curated Christmas Gifts

December 2, 2021

Who here feels like they get stuck on Christmas gift ideas for people who have EVERYTHING! The people that buy what they want when they want! BTW this is me..i am probably one of the hardest people to shop for! So guess what…me and my amazing team have taken the guess work out of gift shopping and created personalized Christmas gifts for the people who have it all! 

We are creating the gifts for the cook, kitchen lover, candle collector, wine name it, we can put together these thoughtful and beautiful Christmas gifts created just for that special someone!

MEN..this one is for you…come see me for a perfectly perfect gift that your lover (or friend) with swoon over! These always make perfect secret santa gifts, gift exchange gifts, or even for all my realtor friends out there..CLOSING GIFTS!

These ultimate gift boards are hand crafted in our design office, tied with the prettiest of pretty bows and ribbon and thoughtfully curated by me and the RRI team! Starting at $50 and going up as high as you want you will be sure to have the most exclusive gift ever gifted! 


25030 Ave Tibbitts Unit M, Valencia, CA 91355