The Ultimate Game Room

November 30, 2021

I am not usually a fan of games rooms in the center of the house..they tend to be an eye sore if not done right! 

The game room in our Moondust Project is everything but that! Lets start with this modern up to date pool table that immediately elevated the style of this space. Adding a two toned built in with black lowers and white oak open shelving helps anchor the room but not overpower the space! Seating is always a must in a game room and this built in bench seat is not only beautiful to look at but also functional! The vertical shiplap is just another layer to this space that brings a fun eclectic vibe.

I am in the midst of creating a game room in my very own house for my boys. We have a downstairs room that was once an office that was never used. As the kids are getting older I am wanting them and their friends around our house and a game room is the perfect place for a group of teenagers to hang out and even a group of kindergartners! 

Bringing in easy to clean hardwood floors which run in areas of our house already. We will be getting a crips clean white wall going to help the space feel larger. Unlike my Moondust Project our game room is an actual room…so making this space feel larger is a must. But I won’t just stop there! We will be adding some light wood beams to bring your eye up a bit and make those ceilings feel taller! YES beams actually make your ceilings feel taller! Weird i know! We all know im a hug fan of wall detailing..and a modern vertical shiplap ties in so effortlessly with the white oak beams so that will be going on the back wall!

I grew up with an air hockey table and that is what will be going in there! Really so i can show my kids my mad air hockey skills! This is is surprise for my boys and will be done before Christmas..i can’t wait to show you how it all turns out! Below is the design board of the room to give you all an idea the direction of the space!


25030 Ave Tibbitts Unit M, Valencia, CA 91355