Spring Home Tips

February 24, 2022

Southern California basically doesn’t get a winter..so we are in February and already in spring weather..which believe me we are not complaining about! And with the spring weather comes the spring cleaning!

I have rounded up my top 3 quick tips to get your home ready for Spring!

Color doesn’t just have to be on the walls. It can be brought in on the furniture too! We recently did a Sage Green dresser in our Channel Islands project and WOW look how beautiful it looks! Step out of your comfort zone a little bit and you’ll be impressed where it takes you!

I know you have though about it, and you have even talked about it, but now is the time to do it. Transform that old gallery wall you have with all the mismatched frames and random photos for a more streamline and clean looking gallery wall. Get all matching frames, have a photoshoot done of your family that has a consistent look to it and display those beautiful kids of yours! And don’t forget to get some photos of you and your love up there too! Your guests will love looking at this!

The last and final quick tip is ACCESSORIZE. You will be amazed at how your home will transform when you get the right accessories in there. Trash the old store bought vases you’ve had for 10 years that are no longer bringing you joy..and bring in some texture. Its all about that texture, the scale, and the pairing of the accessories to make it just right. And our 2022 Spring Home Collection is just the place to find all the right pieces to create that beautiful styling moment!

You don’t need to spend a fortune on accessories. You need a few key pieces and the rest will fall into place. Here is a look at some of my favorite styled spaces!


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