Green with Envy Paint Colors

March 4, 2022

One of our number 1 asked questions is what green paint colors do we use. Green is probably one of the hardest paint colors to get right. Half of them end up looking like baby poop and then the other half look like a mint candy bar!

We have come up with our top 3 green paint colors…all of these we have used personally on projects and they are sure to be a hit in your own home!

One tip before we dive in. Be careful what you are pairing the green cabinet or wall with. Make sure the backdrop of the space is neutral. Do not try and pair green and beige…it just won’t work. You will want it to be a white or very neutral setting so the green can really shine! Its not called green with envy for no reason!

Sherwin Williams Ripe Olive

This color was used in our Park Woodlands Project. And although we had to tweak the actual color a little bit to get it just right, the base of the color use was Ripe Olive by Sherwin Williams. This color is hands down one of the best greens around! The paint color we used on all the other walls was Benjamin Moore Pale Oak.

Benjamin Moore Forest Floor

This color took a minute to find. We kept going back to the drawing board to capture the right shade of green. Because we were using this in a kitchen, and we had black and brass elements throughout it was imperative that the green was a very saturated green. The wait was worth it because look at how stunning this color is!

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog

Our olympic project is still under construction so we won’t be able to show you just yet the finished product but this color was too good not to include! This color is a green with a slight gray undertone which balances the warm brass tones used in here so effortlessly. You can also see it looks beautiful with black and white as most greens do!

There so are many other ways to bring in a pop of green if you don’t want to commit to a cabinet or entire wall. How about an accent tile, or even a throw pillow! Fresh greenery as a centerpiece or even scattered throughout different areas of your home! The possibilities are endless!


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