Designer Bathroom Remodel Tips

March 29, 2022

Since i have coined 2022 the year of bathroom remodels (we have 10 bathrooms we are working on right now!) why not share my 5 tips to designing the most bad ass bathroom!

Step 1. Lighting, its all about the lighting! You need good overhead lighting. We use mostly recessed cans for overhead lighting. You need good task lighting..nothing worse than a woman (or man!) going to do their make up and the lighting cast shadows in all the wrong places! And you need ambiance lighting..this we will achieve by doing LED back lit mirrors, decorative chandeliers or pendent lights, the sky is the limit!

Step 2. Fixtures. SPLURGE and i mean SPLURGE on the fixtures. There is nothing worse than picking cheap fixtures and they start leaking after 2 months. Fixtures is the one area I will always make sure we are doing high end. Brizo, Fortis, Kallista, Waterworks..just to name a few. But make sure you budget in a realistic number for these beauties!

Step 3. Think Timeless. You know I love a good pattern tile. But I also don’t want to select a very trendy pattern tile for an entire shower either. Use more neutral tiles for the large areas like a shower, and save those fun and trendy tiles for an area like a shower niche, or even a shower floor! Changing a shower floor will be significantly easier than ripping apart your shower to change an outdated tile!

Step 4. Accents…and not accent pieces..accent walls! Yes your bathroom can have an accent wall too! And no I’m not talking about a painted accent wall..I’m talking about a wood detailed accent wall…or a tiled accent wall…or even wallpaper! But don’t forget about your walls!

Step 5. Style. And when I say style…i mean take the time, spend the bucks to perfectly style your bathrooms with bath caddies, trays with all the textured canisters for your everyday items, large vases with greenery…if you need some inspiration on styling we’ve got some! Styling will make all the difference….but good styling will elevate your look that much more!


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