Creating a Functional Living Space

April 5, 2022

Design is NOT always about the look…about 70% design and 30% functionality. Some people may beg to differ..but having a functional living space is just as important. Without function you lack design! And with a majority of our clients having kids, functionality is key to their life running smoothly! And you will never have to compromise design or function when done right!

The first request we ALWAYS get is more storage. Everybody always wants more storage. I get toys, blankets, random video game consoles…more storage is always better! Adding built ins is a great way to add character to a home as well as adding tons more storage. If we can’t add a built in, then we will add some type of storage console. Baskets will get added to glass door consoles to hide all the random things families accumulate! 

The second big request is a comfortable and LARGE sofa. This is a MUST for all of my clients. The more the merrier, and they want a place their kids and kids friends and guests can feel comfortable in. In every single project, we create a custom sofa. This is a sofa that fits the space perfectly, we can pick out the inserts of the sofa to fit our clients needs, the exact style of the sofa, and select the fabric of the sofa that work with our design so effortlessly. 

And now what RRI always adds…which REALLY honestly adds some more warmth to a space which will immediately make an area feel more homey…which in return creates a more functional feel..some type of accent details. Whether it’s a wall detail, ceiling detail, or some other kind of detail that take the builder home feel out of the home. 

Lastly, I love a good lighting moment, and lighting is a very functional necessity to make your space come to life. Add a great chandelier, some wall sconces onto a built in, or even a fabulous floor lamp! 


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