4 Tricks to Elevate Your Home

May 13, 2022

Its Friday and I’m feeling awfully nice this morning, so I am sharing 4 quick tricks to elevate your home! These 4 tips are things that we think about when we walk into a new project, and now I am sharing them with you!

  1. Declutter your spaces

The moment you start decluttering and clearing off the dresser or kitchen counters you would be surprised how much of a difference it makes. Having things shoved in corners is not doing anything for you. Take some time, trash the items you don’t use, put away the paperwork sitting on your kitchen table, and invest in some storage bins and baskets to organize the things you still need.

Pro Tip: If you don’t use it everyday put it away

2. Get rid of your shutters

Believe me, they used to be a thing..like 10 years ago. But they instantly date your home now. They are so awfully heaving feeling and they actually do more harm than good in a space. Bring in some textured roman shades or light weight solid drapery. You can get in stock and ready to ship roman shades almost anywhere and it won’t break the bank! But it will transform your space! Just trust me!

3. Bring in abstract in either art or furniture

Every space needs something interesting and the Ashley Furniture set you have is not doing that. Bring in some unique abstract art or furniture that has some style and shape to it. Its all about adding that interest to a space!

4. White walls

Yes I said it and yes you are already saying no. I don’t want to hear you have kids, or dogs…You can do a white wall in an eggshell finish that is wipeable and cleanable. The moment you get that dingy color off you wall your home will already feel more luxurious and brighter!


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