RRI’s Favorite Kitchen Materials

April 22, 2022

One of our top questions we get asked is what kitchen materials we like and would do in our own homes. So we have rounded up our top 3 favorite kitchen materials!

*Porcelain Countertops

YES I said Porcelain Countertops! We are starting to use this over quartz for a couple different reasons! The luster in the porcelain is unparalleled. The movement and tones and texture you get in the porcelain slabs are so absolutely stunning! Almost as good as marble..I said almost! Its also incredibly durable..being able to put heat directly on it (which you can’t with quartz) and being able to cut literally anything and everything directly on the porcelain (you cant do this with marble/granite). Its essentially maintenance free! Who doesn’t love that!

*Mixing of Cabinet Finishes

 If you know one thing about the way RRI designs…you know we LOVE to mix different elements together! And yes you will see we do this A LOT. We will do outer cabinets one color and the island another color. But we are all about doing the outer cabinets in a creamy white instead of the stark bright white and the island in a beautiful warm wood stain. This gives the best of both worlds for people. You get the timeless beauty a white kitchen offers but the warmth the stain brings. You will also start noticing the warmer color tones making its way back into the design and this is starting with the creamy white cabinets. 

Designer Tip: Try Dunn Edwards Greek Villa or Sherwin Williams Drift of Mist for a beautiful and balanced neutral cabinet paint color

*Raw and Organic Textures on Backsplash 

Ok this is by far my most favorite thing…a raw and organic filled with texture backsplash! Not a flat subway tile that each tile looks the exact same. Im talking a backsplash where every tile varies in color and size by a little bit. This instantly adds the warmth back into a kitchen along with the beauty of each tile looking just a little different! This will give your kitchen a true rich and tailored feel that kitchens have been so desperately missing the last few years!


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