How To Style Floating Shelves Like a Designer

October 12, 2022

Floating shelves are a MUST in a home..not only do they add a more custom look to a space, but they lend for a perfect styling moment! We’re breaking down some of the MUSTs when styling your floating shelves!


You absolutely need different height variations on your shelves. If you have everything one height it lacks depth and dimensions. Bring in some taller items and pair them with the shorter items. If all your pieces are the same height add books for instant height or stack some dishes to break it up.


Make sure to layer pieces of different textures. Add some woven items to the back leaning against the wall while adding some other elements (like glass or wood vases) to the front for a more dimensional look. Adding art is another great way to bring in some added layers!


Candlesticks add the height and a calming look to any shelf..and they pair so effortlessly with really anything! Find 2 or 3 different sizes for a great pairing!


Pretty sure almost every single floating shelf we have styled has something woven on it. It brings in so much warmed and it really does pair well with everything! Think…woven baskets, woven vases, woven chargers…you get the picture!


Less is ALWAYS more. Do’t try to pack and over fill your shelves. Go the simplistic route and you’ll be so much happier! I say this all the time..if you think its too crowded..IT IS. Tone it down..pick your 5 favorites from the shelf and pair those together in groupings. I love to group in odd numbers…1, 3, 5…

But most of all…have fun! AND GET CREATIVE!

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