Dining Rooms That Inspire

January 12, 2023

Dining rooms are spaces most of my clients typically don’t want in their homes. They are spaces that don’t get used that often..BUT…some of my clients LOVE a good dining room moment and I am here for it! Let’s talk about the most understated room in the house and some fool proof furniture combinations!

Luxurious & Inviting

This dining room in our Park Woodlands Project is right off the living room and kitchen. This floor plan is an open concept floor plan so it had to flow from each space. Anchoring this space with its statement chandelier was a necessity to set it apart from the surrounding areas. This large concrete table can seat 8 people comfortably for the perfect spot for all the guests to congregate. Adding the necessary warmth with the linen drapery and coordinating dining chairs made this space feel luxurious yet warm & inviting.

Bold & Elevated

When your dining room is right off the entrance it better make people stop in their tracks. Our Alcott dining room does just that with the striking concrete linear chandelier and rich wall color! This room needed layers of textures, so adding a leather and linen chair combination, with a patterned vintage style rug and a rich wood dining table did just that! Because this space is closed in with 3 walls, we added a large mirror to the back wall to help it feel larger and grander!

Refined & Intimate

This round pedestal table layered with wood dining chairs and an upholstered banquette is nestled in our Cali Caj kitchen, however it lends for an intimate slow coffee morning, or family game nights. Regardless, this space is not only beautiful but functional! And before you come at me for this upholstered banquette being not practical in a dining space, we used a high performance fabric that can be wiped down and cleaned when spaghetti sauce gets on it!

Pro Tip: Using washable rugs in a high traffic dining space with make your life easier and in return will make you happier! Try it!


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