Rug Rules

Have you ever thought about ordering a rug for your space and when it was delivered the scale was ALL WRONG! Listen, we aren’t judging, because scale and space planning can be the most challenging task for a room. However, we are specially trained in this field and can share some many valuable tips with […]

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Spring 2024 Collection: The Shop @ RRI

It’s MAY! Can you believe it? I can’t believe that it took this long for the sun to come out in usually sunny southern California. All this sunshine means it’s time to throw open those beautiful curtains and shine some light in your house! Unless you have old, outdated accessories! Then let’s give them a […]

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Design Dilemma: Empty Walls

We’ve all been there. You go over to a friends house for dinner or drop your kids off at a playdate and you walk into the most inviting home. You’re not only impressed with their aesthetic but it just feels like they have nailed down the perfect balance between hanging meaningful things on their wall […]

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The Key to Perfectly Placed Lighting

A very common question we get asked is “how high should we hang this light?” As there is no real right answer and there are also a TON of variables when deciding on lighting height, but I have rounded up a few rules of thumbs that I know you will thank me for later! Island […]

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Upcoming Projects | Sneak Peak

At any given time, RRI has between 18-25 open projects on our books. They are all at different stages of the process, but I thought it would be fun to show you some of our projects that are in the design phase and building phase to get you excited for whats to come! Our OO […]

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Our Oak Meadow Project | Most Expensive House Sold in SCV

I don’t know if you heard, but our Oak Meadow project set some pretty incredible sales records in the Santa Clarita Valley..and when I say incredible records, I mean, it sold as the highest price home EVER sold in the Santa Clarita Valley. And you know what….we designed all 8000 square feet of that bad […]

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Dining Rooms That Inspire

Dining rooms are spaces most of my clients typically don’t want in their homes. They are spaces that don’t get used that often..BUT…some of my clients LOVE a good dining room moment and I am here for it! Let’s talk about the most understated room in the house and some fool proof furniture combinations! Luxurious […]

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