Spring 2024 Collection: The Shop @ RRI

May 3, 2024

It’s MAY! Can you believe it? I can’t believe that it took this long for the sun to come out in usually sunny southern California. All this sunshine means it’s time to throw open those beautiful curtains and shine some light in your house! Unless you have old, outdated accessories! Then let’s give them a little update first!

If you follow along with us on our Instagram you would have seen that we recently hosted our spring shopping event launching our newest collection! And boy is she a thing to be shared! All of the pieces show beautifully in any space, whether you’re looking to update your new apartment, summer beach house, or family home!

If you need some inspiration some of our favorite pieces are the Capri Candlesticks, Skye Vase, the Rayne bookends. Oh who are we kidding?! They are all our favorite!

And a major office hit is our brand new collection of coffee table books featuring “Dogs”, “Good Dogs”, “Resident Dog”. Leave these on your coffee table, not only because they are esthetically pleasing, but if you are having a bad day, flipping through these will turn your day right around.

Now enough from me… Let’s let the pieces speak for themselves. And as always, if you need any ideas of how to style your new pieces! Follow along with our Instagram.

Still not sold on our Spring Collection…let me show you how to style them! This is sure to help you fall in love!

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