Rug Rules

July 2, 2024

Have you ever thought about ordering a rug for your space and when it was delivered the scale was ALL WRONG! Listen, we aren’t judging, because scale and space planning can be the most challenging task for a room. However, we are specially trained in this field and can share some many valuable tips with you. Rug rules vary per space so follow along for some design tips per room with a few added bonuses at the end along with our best rug shop recommendation!

Living rooms can be rather tricky when trying to determine a rug size. They can fall in so many different categories, each with their own rules. If you have a great room that opens up to many spaces you want a large enough rug for all of your pieces to fall on it so that you can anchor the space.
For a room that is enclosed, if you can’t lend space for a large enough rug that fits all of the furniture, a good rule of thumb is to allow enough space so that at least the front legs of all the chairs and sofa can sit on the rug.
Our last good rule of thumb when determining rug size for living rooms is to allow 6” of rug space on all sides of furniture groupings.

In bedrooms, rugs need to extend at least 1-2 feet on either side of bed when you are selecting a large scale one ideally, fitting both the bed and nightstand(s). Another rug placement option for bedrooms is to opt for a long runner along either side of the bed. This can be beneficial in many scenarios such as not finding a large enough rug, or the room not allowing space for a rug big enough to fit both the bed and nightstand(s). Another scenario when this practice might be best is if you have two beds, such as twins, in a smaller room and would like something running along the middle of both.

Kitchen sinks are another place where rugs are widely desired by many clients. You can either opt for a smaller scale rug in front of the sink such as 2×3 or use a long runner on one side of island.

Surprisingly, bathrooms can lend to many rug options. If you have a large enough bathroom, you can use a rug that spreads across the center. Especially if you have vanities that aren’t side by side. If you have a vanity that is either one large one or two smaller side by sides, a small rug or one long runner in front of the vanities is what we recommend. Another popular spot for a rug is coming out of shower/tub area for a soft place to land (and dry your feet).

Some additional tips (because it’s a short holiday week and were feeling generous).

In any space, allow for at least 1-2 feet of exposed flooring on all sides of rugs between walls.

When layering rugs, use a neutral base such as a jute rug or something with beautiful natural texture and the top rug should always be 2/3 of the size of the main rug. Layering can be a fun way to bring in a smaller rug when you normally wouldn’t be able to use it in a space. Think of a family heirloom or that fun patterned rug that was a one off and doesn’t come in any larger sizes.

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