The Key to Perfectly Placed Lighting

June 2, 2023

A very common question we get asked is “how high should we hang this light?” As there is no real right answer and there are also a TON of variables when deciding on lighting height, but I have rounded up a few rules of thumbs that I know you will thank me for later!

Island Pendents or Dining Table Lights

We typically place our dining table lights or pendent lights 36” off the top of the table/island. Now if you have really low or high ceilings you might need to change that number a bit. But a great starting off point is 36”. Have your electrician (or handy husband) hold the light at 36” off the table and see how it looks. If it looks too high lower it! Trust your eye!

Wall Sconces in a Bathroom

We love to use wall sconces in bathrooms around the vanity mirror. It will instantly elevate the feel of the bathroom when those builder lights come down. Having the wall sconces hung at an ample location gives for the best lighting when looking in the mirror. Typically we hang the wall sconces 60-80” above the ground. However, always keep in mind who is using the bathroom and adjust accordingly! You just don’t want your wall sconces awkwardly low with your vanity mirror!

Pro Tip: Always make sure your lights are centered with whatever it is flanking! If its not centered you will notice it the moment you enter the room!

Entry Lights/ Lights Hanging from High Ceilings

Entry lights or even lights hanging from ceilings that are 20′ can be tricky because you don’t want them so high that you don’t even notice the light, and you don’t want it so low that you feel like you are walking into it either. Our lights will never be lower than 7’ off the floor. It will always depend on your ceiling height and if you have 20’ ceilings then I would go no lower than 9’ off the floor. I don’t ever want to break my neck to look up at a light. If you hurt your neck to see the light, it’s hung too high.


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