Simple Swaps For the Better

June 22, 2023

We have rounded up 4 of our favorite home decor swaps that are sure to elevate your home in less than one minute! YES I said LESS than one minute!

1.Use a decorative vase to hold all your cooking utensils. The metal utensil holders are so dated and do nothing good for your kitchen! Find a neutral vase with lots of texture and add all of your utensils to it!

Pro Tip: Make sure your vase isn’t too tall otherwise you will have a hard time finding the cooking utensils easily!

2. Get rid of that ugly produce bowl that has all your moldy fruit. Swap it for a unique dough bowl. The best part is, they are long and shallow so you are sure to see your fruit before it goes bad!

3. Throw the metal grated sponge holder that is sticking to the side of your sink in the trash and never look back! Swap it with our decorative sponge holder. And go even further with decorative dish soap and hand soaps that compliment! You will thank me, when you are looking at a beautifully styled sink when doing those dreaded dishes!

4. Last and one of my absolute favorites! Decant your oils! I love walking into a kitchen and seeing the beautiful olive oils and vinegars that are used daily when cooking on the countertops! Go even further, and add a pretty tray or cutting board, add your decanted oils and salt jars and you are ready for a cooking frenzy!

All of these items will be available at this summer! Get ready!


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