Top 3 Design Trends for 2022

Trends are something that we are always looking at..we want our projects to not only be on “trend” but to also have a timeless look to them so when that trend is gone our design doesn’t immediately look out of date. The first trend that is here to stay are ceiling beams and I AM […]

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The Ultimate Game Room

I am not usually a fan of games rooms in the center of the house..they tend to be an eye sore if not done right!  The game room in our Moondust Project is everything but that! Lets start with this modern up to date pool table that immediately elevated the style of this space. Adding […]

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The Many Faces of a Pattern Tile

Have you been thinking about using a pattern tile somewhere, but not sure where or how to use it? We hear this quite often from clients.. they want to incorporate a fun pattern tile in a space but are either too nervous to do a big bold pattern or they don’t know how it will […]

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