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Who doesn’t want to know some of the favorite things designers enjoying using! Here is a look at our office’s favorite pics! First one…decorative soap pumps and shampoo pumps. This will instantly give your shower the “designer” look and even your kitchen sink area. Those store bought pumps are just plain ugly. Even the neutral […]

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My Favorite Things

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Our skyridge project has our true tailored California Casual look with a transitional flair to it. This house has much more of the traditional bones and elements so making this a modern bathroom would not fit with the rest of the house. We wanted to give them a more updated look with all the modern […]

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A Look at our California Transitional Bathroom remodel

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Trends are something that we are always looking at..we want our projects to not only be on “trend” but to also have a timeless look to them so when that trend is gone our design doesn’t immediately look out of date. The first trend that is here to stay are ceiling beams and I AM […]

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Top 3 Design Trends for 2022

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We are diving into getting those countertops to look like I came in and professionally styled your kitchen! It’s all about the styling that is done in any space that really makes you go WOW. You know..when you walk into a model home and you are blown away because of how “put together” it looks…that […]

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Getting a Pinterest Worthy Styled Kitchen

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Who here feels like they get stuck on Christmas gift ideas for people who have EVERYTHING! The people that buy what they want when they want! BTW this is me..i am probably one of the hardest people to shop for! So guess what…me and my amazing team have taken the guess work out of gift […]

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The RRI Curated Christmas Gifts

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I am not usually a fan of games rooms in the center of the house..they tend to be an eye sore if not done right!  The game room in our Moondust Project is everything but that! Lets start with this modern up to date pool table that immediately elevated the style of this space. Adding […]

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The Ultimate Game Room

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Our Alcott bathroom remodel is hands down one of the most moody bathrooms we have designed to date. This client loves the more masculine colors, clean lines, and layers of materials. When we first met with them and walked the bathroom I couldn’t believe the amount of wasted space in this bathroom. The tub area […]

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A Dive into our Alcott Bathroom Remodel

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If you haven’t already…you will hear now! Saturday November 6th from 12pm-3pm RRI will be hosting our first ever sip and shop in our new headquarters! We are so excited to not only be selling hand picked curated RRI product, but we have teamed up with some of our favorite local SCV vendors to partake […]


Shop the RRI Experience

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Fall is hands down my favorite time of the year. There is something so special about the cooler weather, the holiday festivities beginning and well….pumpkin everything! Here in Southern California we don’t really get a season change..we get a little bit of the cooler weather…and the leaves change colors..but thats about it! The beaches are […]


RRI’s Favorite Fall Accessories

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Who doesn’t love a good project photo dump..and when the project is as good as our Clifton Project a post fully dedicated to this beauty is so worth it! Enjoy some of the tips provided and sources for a few of our favorite items! First of all..lets start with where this baby started…brown cabinets…a bar […]


A Look into our Clifton Project

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