The RRI Signature Style

If you know our work at all, you know we created tailored custom spaces that are very relaxed and livable. But also very refined and tailored. We love a clean neutral color palette with layers of textures, materials, and woods. Every space has something unique about it. Something that sets that space apart over all […]

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A look into our Durant Project

Our Durant Project is a definite fan favorite! You guys have LOVED this project from the moment we showed it! This project consisted of a kitchen remodel..but we packed A LOT of goodness into one kitchen, and were here to talk about it! This beauty started as a dated and dark builder kitchen. In typical […]

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The Perks of Working with an Interior Designer

The question everybody asks when embarking on a remodel…why should I hire a designer? And my response…why should you not! Ok not all the time but most of the time I laugh when people ask me that! But seriously, a lot of homeowners don’t understand what some of the perks are when working with a […]

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4 Tricks to Elevate Your Home

Its Friday and I’m feeling awfully nice this morning, so I am sharing 4 quick tricks to elevate your home! These 4 tips are things that we think about when we walk into a new project, and now I am sharing them with you! Declutter your spaces The moment you start decluttering and clearing off […]

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RRI’s Favorite Kitchen Materials

One of our top questions we get asked is what kitchen materials we like and would do in our own homes. So we have rounded up our top 3 favorite kitchen materials! *Porcelain Countertops YES I said Porcelain Countertops! We are starting to use this over quartz for a couple different reasons! The luster in […]

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Channel Islands Oasis | Family Room & Kitchen Edition

Our Channel Islands project has been a labor of love. This project originally started back in 2019..pre pandemic. Wellll…then you know pandemic hit and this project went on hold. My clients who were living in the house at the time opted to pause starting construction on this masterpiece until things settled down a bit. WELL…things […]

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Green with Envy Paint Colors

One of our number 1 asked questions is what green paint colors do we use. Green is probably one of the hardest paint colors to get right. Half of them end up looking like baby poop and then the other half look like a mint candy bar! We have come up with our top 3 […]

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Spring Home Tips

Southern California basically doesn’t get a we are in February and already in spring weather..which believe me we are not complaining about! And with the spring weather comes the spring cleaning! I have rounded up my top 3 quick tips to get your home ready for Spring! Color doesn’t just have to be on […]

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The RRI Kitchen Essentials

The RRI collection has all the kitchen essentials you need for now only a stylish kitchen BUT a more functional kitchen too. All of these items we use in our clients home when styling at the end of a remodel and they all come back with the highest reviews from our design clients! We also […]

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